Business Consulting

Creative Industries

Most creators get discouraged, defer their work as a hobby, or worse, they give up on their passion. Whether you are an painter, fashion designer, photographer, graphic designer, sculptor, or any other type of artist, we are here to help. We provide an array of services to help further your business, and we will work with you to create a plan of action that fits you and your goals.  

Small Business

Some small businesses need to make a change, establish a new image, or create a new plan of action in order to survive our changing economy, we can assist with this process. There is no job too small; no industry we cannot assist. Our skills create a brand for your company to stand out against competitors and peek the interests of your customers. In addition to providing our other services, we help establish networks to help build your business. 

Advertising and Marketing

We create well researched advertisements to increase the effectiveness. We learn about your target audience, and how that corrilates with your surrounding demographic. Our job is to find you clients and get your business well known. 

Additional Services

InKomplete Art offers other individual services for you business needs. Our Graphic Design Department creates websites, logos, business cards, templates, and other designs. 

The Social Media Department maintains any social media platform for your company or brand. We help establish a strong following base and keep you sites updated.