Be an artist, Don't give up!

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

Why are artist’s abandoning their dreams for less satisfying jobs? All too often, I have come across individuals who were once an artist. In their past lives they could draw like Da Vinci, innovated a new painting style before it became popular, had a passion for photography, always wanted to be a designer, etc. Yet none of them chose to do anything about it. Few have seen what their capable of, and even less even know that they were willing to do it for a profession.

Because the art career did not seem promising, artist often abandon the idea for whatever job comes their way due to finances. They are sometimes students that are told that an art related career would not be financially rewarding or that it is highly limited as far as job openings. The truth is that so much of our economy depends on the creations of artists. The video game industry generates a remarkable $108 billion in revenue a year. Animations boasts $244 billion. These are just a small percentage of how creative industries contribute and how what we do is highly sought after.

There are a few key factors that caused them to be unsuccessful if they did attempt to obtain a career in their dream job. Often, it is lack of exposure. If no one knows who you are, how can they be expected to purchase from you and support you. Another major factor is not researching the industry or the demand for your industry in your community. Doing a SWAT analysis, simply scoping out the area by asking people if they would be interested, seeing what it would take to get them interested could have changed a lot for them.

Artist seem to not understand the value of what they do, how they help to cultivate our society. Our entire life and existence revolves around art and creativity. The homes we live in, the cars we drive, the phones in our hands, the clothes we wear, and even the letters on this page were all designed by artists. The oldest proof of our existence isn’t even ourselves but some form of art! Even after this life has come and gone, we will still have our art and the way it impacts the lives of others.

If you find that you need help with your art based business, not sure which route to take, and don’t want to leave it behind, talk to us. Schedule an appointment to see what we can do to aid in the success of your business. Some services include but are not limited to creating a plan of action, branding, market research, and finding funding opportunities.

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