Do Not Trash Your Bad Art


Any art is better than no art. Creative blocks can put a halt on the great, ingenious aspirations of a blank canvas. In fact, attempting to move forward may produce some less than desirable creations. (cringe) Despite this, this can still be better than nothing at all.

I implore you, dear creator, do not throw away or hold hostility toward it. This particular piece may not be the ideal work of art you at the moment, but in your future endeavors, this might be the one piece you are looking for. In fact, in may solve a future artist block by giving you inspiration or be the exact thing you need. And there’s nothing like past you coming through for future you with work already done for you.

I cannot count the number of times that this technique has helped me, especially in a time crunch. Surprisingly, even though I was not a fan of the creation, my clients were. The feedback from them and other creators help me build a strong concept in the end.

You may not be happy with your creation, but others may love it. Try to develop it into a fully realized piece, present it, open yourself up to criticism, and this could end up being one of your best works. You will see your portfolio grow, rather than watching it to stand still.

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