Too many artists make this mistake


The biggest mistake I often see is artist comparing themselves to other artists. This is a major mistake since it can really hurt your moral and self esteem as an artist. Understand that each artist has taken their own unique path to get to where they are now. Some started at very young ages, while others waited until adulthood. Many had more time and opportunity to hone their skills, while some only had moments. A few received formal training and education, while others are self-taught or simply possess natural talent. Therefore, the talents of each artist are relative.

In addition, truly good art can really be attributed to the purpose and message behind the art or the originality or mastery of a technique. There have been countless amazing pieces that did not look remotely close to a photograph, but still stirred conviction in the hearts of many. Pablo Picasso, although capable of beautiful realism, did not really cement himself in history until he mastered the cubism technique and made it his own.

Although comparing yourself to others can be harmful to your growth, observing in addition to learning the skills and techniques of another artist can expand your abilities and aid in the development of your own unique style.

In short, to truly be a great artist, we must not compare ourselves to our peer and heroes, but rather choose to truly be ourselves. The unwavering exposure to who you are and your perspective of the world around you, is truly unique and a site to be seen. Show it in your art and the world will stand back in awe. Go forth and create something truly you, and never hesitate at the fear of it not being “good enough”.

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